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Efficient, eco-friendly heating with Becom wood pellets. High-density biomass fuel for modern energy solutions.

We Make…

  • Pellets suitable for boilers, wood stoves and various biomass heating systems
  • High density and calorific pellets
  • Premium and industrial grade pellets
  • 100% sustainable feedstock
  • No additives or binding agents
  • Low ash and Low C02
Holding energy efficient wood pellets

Our Pellets

Becom Energy premium wood pellets are made as a bi-result of other lumber creation processes, often to reduce waste or to improve forest structures. All Becom Energy pellets are from FSC sourced material, ensuring all the fibres, dust, chips and wood material used in manufacture are from sustainably harvested woodland and or recycled waste product. We are moving forward with FSC certification.

Biomass wood pellets are made from compressing wood dusts at high pressure, using the lining within the cellular structure to act as the binding agent to form the pellet. No additives are required. All our pellets are from 100% virgin sources and classified as A1 grade.

Manufactured to the highest standard

Not all wood pellets are the same, Becom Energy only supply pellets that are manufactured to the highest standard, are 6mm and within the standards required for a top grade premium pellet. They undergo rigorous testing at manufacture and again by us as part of our quality control with third party laboratories in Europe and Canada testing and analysing every 2 months.

Utilizing this type of feedstock wood is great as it decreases the carbon effect of warming, assists with further developing forest biodiversity, utilizes individuals in the country economy and further develops public fuel security.

High density and calorific wood pellets
Wood Pellet Feedstock


Sourcing our feedstock from wood processing and manufacturing residue, we have partnerships with manufacturers throughout Ontario, and these companies provide their waste for our production. Keeping sustainability in our main goal, we are always searching for advanced and greener ways to source, transport and utilise waste products into renewable energy for the future.

About Us

Becom Energy Canada Inc. established in 2022, we are a rapidly growing company dedicated to providing top quality biofuels in the form of wood pellets and briquettes. All our wood pellets manufacturing process includes no additives, our wood residue and timber is sourced from local wood supplies and manufacturers.

Our Goals

To provide the highest quality sustainably sourced timber or wood residue wood pellets for your heating systems

Wood Pellet Process